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A Stellar Place to Start
your awesome RealEstate Journey

Committed to achieve an #awesomelifeyoudeserve


"Our 20 years in the real estate industry,

we have become the couple realtors who do work,

that’s matters, is meaningful and

impactful for others."

Coming from a humble background, we have seen our parents working very HARD each day to make ends meet. Back then, it was a dream for them to own multiplies properties so that they can enjoy financial abundance and stability.

Shouldering this DREAM, we’ve always had a natural inclination towards the real estate industry.


At the age of 22, we owned our very first property. Till date, we have successfully own 3 properties in Singapore and 2 oversea.

As properties investor ourselves, this journey has helped us acquired wisdom and empathy for people in similar situations.


We fully understand that selling and/or buying a home is complex and deeply personal, especially a lot is at stake financially and personally.


With this personal experience on the process and the responsibility felt towards our clients and their family, it drives us to be truly an expert at our job.

It is part natural instinct and part commitment to consistently understanding the market, learning up to trend skills to empower our clients with the right knowledge to keep themselves ahead of the curve in this fast-changing market. We are committed to ensure that our clients received an awesome real estate journey and will always have a trusted advisor by their side.


Every family has different needs and wants however we all have the same goal – to achieve financially free future, living worry free.

We strongly believe in effective communication to build relationships and thereafter achieving the best outcome in every transaction!


Whether You're A Client or An Agent 

It is our wish for every family who DARE to DREAMS to enjoy the achievement of fulfilling their


We wish for our clients, our teammates and their next generation to enjoy financial abundance and stability. 


We are known for our abilities to restructure our client’s real estate portfolio with the goal towards something that will span for generations…

Our proven system has helped many families attain a higher  certainty of achieving financial freedom..


Effective sales strategies involve a series of steps, that when done consistently, will provide measurable success.


The challenge is not just in guiding one to follow the steps but to help them unlock their fullest potential that they might not even realise exists.


Begin your Real Estate Journey with Mr N Mrs RealEstate

Be Constantly Evolving & Adapting

To impress, we can come from far. To impact, we have to go near.

We have invested quality time with our clients and team to understand their challenges and help them achieve clarity in their Real Estate Journey. Sessions can be as straightforward as guiding them on their next steps or as complex as coaching them in finding answers within their deeply held beliefs and values.


These sessions have helped many of them achieve improved results in their Real Estate Journey.


R.E.A.L Experience

The Only Constant In Life Is Change.
The R.E.A.L Experience Is Reliable . Efficient . Alway Looking out for you!


And experiences the R.E.A.L difference...


In WND x MrNMrs RealEstate, We are ONE BIG family. We believe in being sincere towards one another, and in appreciating the strengths of each individual. Whether you are an experienced agent, waiting for your real estate license or going through your RES Course, it will be an absolute pleasure to work in a brilliant, supportive and fun real estate agency environment.



Our Proprietary mobile app, Link Up, will save hours off your daily real estate prospecting and marketing activities and multiply your productivity.


Soar in your real estate career by automating routine tasks. Find out more about WND & Huttons technology!

Link Up Mobile App.jpg


You will have direct access to our insights and personal consultations that will bring clarity and results to your investments and career in real estate. Our wide range of expertise in branding, sales, social media and digital marketing will transform your DREAMS into REALITY! 

Father and Son Playing


Benjamin Loy

Associate District Director

Huttons Asia Pte Ltd Real Estate Agency

Walter is a man with forward thinking, embrace change and leads by example. He is someone who is full of passion in his work and dedicates full-time to his clients and team!

Working with him is always fun as he is someone who carry plentiful of humorous touch! 
He is a great & humble leader who can bring out your full potential. 


Alex Cher

Senior Division Director

PropNex Realty

Founder of

On a personal level, Walter & Samantha are encouragers, motivators and Dear friends.

On a group level, Walter & Samantha are thinker, visionary and an analyst.


Their thirst for knowledge is really superb and willingness to share trade secrets with teammates has created a very open and healthy business environment for all.

Complementing each other, they definitely have unique gifts which they shared selflessly.


In today’s Competitive market, it is safe haven to be in the same squad as these pair!

Paul Teo

Group Division Director

PropNex Realty

Founder of

Enjoyed my working partnership with Walter and Samantha.


As experience agents themselves, we were able to align fast on how we can do our best to serve our clients and focus on identify their important needs.


Looking forward to more working deals with them, and I believe with their leadership and serving heart, all clients will benefit and enjoy a lifelong friendship with them


Fion Chua

Associate Division Director

PropNex Realty Pte Ltd

Walter’s and Samantha’s wealth of industry knowledge, passion and effective communication have made them excellent mentors for real estate agents.
This couple is always ready to lend a listening ear whenever I hit deadlock and they are always ready to share insights.
Both, as a couple or an individual, are always approachable and will always make time to share their knowledge with teammates.
Unselfishly, they will share the knowledge on the property market trends, direction and ways they developed to handle certain challenges in their business.

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